Sunday, September 13, 2009

Good people !

Those who think that good people do not exist in this world surely don't know about Wikipedia, youtube and torrents :)

Reservation for backword classes and why I support the idea

This question is haunting me ever since Arjun Singh announced the increased reservation for the OBCs which took the percentage of the reserved position in all government institutions to 50% approx. I saw many debates regarding this and now I have some opinion on this.
There are two aspects of this issue. One is the about the idea or the concept of reservation itself. Should there be any reservation at all or should there be not? If the answer to this question is affirmative then the second question comes into picture that is how should it be implemented?
Initially I was against the very idea of reservation, especially during my 10th and 12th standards. But, now as I think of it, that opposition was because of me being denied an opportunity of studying in a good institute and not because I thought one can not and should not compromise on quality, which I claimed to be my basis for the opposition to this concept. Now I support the idea of reservation.
Let me explain. When I used to say that students should be given the admissions on basis of their marks only and not on basis of their cast, I was ignoring one big issue that we have here, that is the cast system. Say I have 90% marks and a person from a reserved category has 85%, I used to say that I should be given preference for admission.
But what I did not consider is how I got my 90% marks and how he got his marks. I think my upbringing played very important role in this. The culture at home matters a lot. My father is a doctorate in microbiology. My paternal grandfather is a lawyer and my maternal grandfather is a doctor. Now, compare this with the other guy whose forefathers, for centuries, did nothing but cleaning of roads and gutters. So it boils down to one question, Is the development of a human being because of his nature or his nurture?
By development because of nature I mean that a human being is what he is , in spite of his upbringing and the environment which he grows in has no effect on him whatsoever. I don't think so. I believe that what goes around does play an important role in an average person's development. So crude comparison of marks is not the fair way to judge merit.
Next part is about the implementation of this concept and how can undeserving people be left out of this benefit. I think that if a person thinks that he needs reservation, he is the one who needs it badly. There will be a time when people will think that they don't need reservation. And then only we can do away with it.

Friday, September 11, 2009

worst !

This post is going to be out and out negative. I am posting about three worst things in cricket

Sri Lanka is the worst place to play cricket in.

I guess many people will agree with me on this. The reasons for this are two-fold. One, the weather is very unreliable there and our intelligent administrators schedule the matches there in the monsoons. (to add something more about the crazy scheduling, for current tri-series it goes like one match, 3 days gap, then India plays on two consecutive days and the final on Monday !!). But the most important reason which makes matches more mundane and devoid of any excitement is the pitches in Sri Lanka. You don't get worse pitches anywhere else in the world. They are slow, the ball does not come onto the bat at all and the bounce is very low. I am not saying that the pitches should be like the cement roads but there should be some excitement in the game. I don't remember any exciting games played in Sri Lanka.

Harbhajan Singh would be the worst captain India would have if ever he becomes one.

See this:

The guy does not command any respect. He is always the centre of controversies. In the infamous 'monkey gate' issue, BCCI may have saved him from punishment with the usual flexing of the 'Money Muscle', but I believe that Harbhajan did utter the racial abuse, and was stupid enough not to know the consequences of the same. And the 'Sreesanth slap' which takes away the cake, seemed like a scene taken from Ekta kapoor soaps or one of the reality shows that go around. In the same IPL , in a match against Chennai Hayden and Raina were going berserk. Harbhajan had 2 overs up his sleeves. But our hero (who was filling in for Sachin as captain) threw the ball to some youngster who had not played in any International match ever. Not wonder the new comer was smashed all over the park. What a boost for a youngster.

Arun Lal is the worst commentator any game has witnessed so far.

No explanation needed. All agree on this.